Return & Refund


- Some details may differ in the contours and print (hem, collar, inner color of the hood) from the advertisement image, because garment specifications from time to time are different. However, the main details (on front, back, sleeve and outside of hood) are fully and detailed, are exactly what you see on the website.

- Actual product color may be brighter or darker on website, but overall color difference is negligible. Please refer to the Return policy before placing an order.

- We do not make refunds or any exchanges for orders with minimal discrepancies as outlined above. Please consider carefully before placing your order.


Right after placing your order, if you realize some mistake while process, maybe wrong size or wrong address, please contact us within 6 hours. We will only accept cancel in that period. Beyond the above time, we can assist you with a 50-80% off product value coupon so you can re-order as desired, we'd like to share that with you too.


Almost all of our products are made-to-order items, so we minimize returns due to customer error. Therefore:

We DO NOT accept refund or replace due to users' errors including:

  • Choosing wrong sizes, designs, colors. If the shirt/item doesn’t fit because the customer ordered the wrong size (you didn’t check the size chart, you thought the size would fit because you usually use that same size from many other merchandisers, or for any similar reasons). So, please check the size chart carefully before placing the order. There will be a slight deviation in size, but not too significant, the maximum deviation is not more than 1 inch.
    We recommend that you increase 1 more size so you can wear it comfortably. Since our size chart is the standard size when converting between size name and sizes (cm/inch), we will not accept exchange or return items if it's your fault.
  • Providing undeliverable address, resulting in the item cannot be received. Note that do fill the shipping address in the check out instead of the billing address. If you are in US, we recommend to use this tool to check valid address before ordering:
  • Small difference in color/color brightness: There will be a slight color difference, which is usually caused by the difference in brightness and color between monitors. It may also be due to some objective factors that we have no control over, such as complex printing colors and not the same as the product description; however we can guarantee that the design, the materials and the color tone are basically the same as what is on the website. Please pay close attention to this as we do not accept product returns, can only offer you a very deep discount code for the next purchase if you are not satisfied, as an apology and gratitude your trust.
  • Small difference in some details at hem, collar, inner color of the hood. Please read Disclaimer first.
  • Not satisfied with the quality and material of the shirt. We are sad to hear this, but we also have customers who like it. For this reason, for transparency, we have provided a clear product description of the material on each product page. Please consult and understand to make the right purchasing decision.


Any defects or errors below on our part will result in a replacement at no charge:

  1. The print is flawed (lack of ink, uneven color printing, wrong color printing), except some details at first Disclaimer
  2. The quote on design is misspelling
  3. Wrong side received between front and back
  4. The item is broken during transportation, defective or damaged ( if the damage can be clearly seen)
  5. The color and size are totally wrong with our size guide chart. The item size or color you received is not the one you placed at first
  6. Shipping wrong item, it is not the item you have placed before
  7. Missing item: If the order includes 2 or more items but the package the buyer received contains less than the actual order quantity, in most cases, we will immediately send the missing item to the customer


In case of issues listed above, to save our time, please kindly contact us via email including the all following information:

  1. Pictures of damaged item you received as a proof
  2. Shipping label of the package including your tracking number
  3. A clear description of the problem
  4. Photo proves the wrong size compared to our size guide (use a ruler to measure)

As soon as evidence verified by us, a new replacement will be queued within 24 hours.

Any claims for after-sale issues such as misprinted/damaged/defective items must be submitted within 35 days after the product is received. We won’t handle for orders delivery over 1 month.


We may not be able to avoid a little COLOR and SIZE DIFFERENTIATION caused when printing, making our product. For example, colors may look brighter or darker than when comparing with the artwork file. Shirts may be 1-2 inches shorter/longer or wider/smaller than the announced size chart.


For other issues related to item quality and delayed shipping time, we will accept to give all customers a partial refund depending on the level of problems.

During the outbreak of COVID-19, we will only accept refund of 50% of the order value for you immediately (excluding shipping costs), with the following conditions:
- Over 45 days from the date of order that you have not received the goods
- You will still receive your item without having to pay any fee

We will accept a refund of 120% of the order value (including shipping) under the following conditions:
- Over 60 days from the date of order that you have not received the goods
- Depending on production conditions, you will still receive the item if it is on its way to you

We will get your money back to your PayPal account in 5- 10 business days after we agree to refund. If so, please kindly wait in this the process time. Specially, we don't accept all cases sent to after 35 days when the product is received


For customized item, we will contact you first to ask or you can keep in touch with us with the title: " order number-site name- item title" and the information you want to customize. If after 3 business days, we don't receive any messages from you, we will send the original design without the customization change and don't accept any replace or refund.

To sum up, don't hesitate to contact us via email if there are any issues. We will reply and handle your case within 24 hours.

Thank you for shopping with us and have a nice day!

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